Thursday, November 12, 2009

El Hotel Libertador

Yesterday we received some great news. A local hotel, The Hotel Libertador, selected the Asociación de Artesanos Valle Sagrado to sell their products in their lobby! The contest began about a month ago, and after two rounds of tough competition, the artisans of Urubamba have won a great opportunity.
The largest problems with the association are the lack of organization and the inability to sell to tourists directly. This should help with both, because the good news provides something to rally around in addition to access to tourists.
What lies ahead is making sure the association is ready. But we have a lot of time, and we are all excited to finally have some good news!
Also, as promised, check out the pic of our new teacher doing what he does best during one of his classes with the association.


  1. Nice work Ian! This is amazing. I'm so excited for the artisans.

  2. This is good news!
    Congrats to you and especially to the artisans!