Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Since we last spoke...

Since the last post, Nexos has enjoyed the holiday season and moved its volunteer house to a mansion with a private swimming pool, two tennis courts, and a mini-jet (maybe not all that stuff, but its has a lot more rooms). But that is just the small stuff...
The artesans are BUSY. The sewing classes are still going strong and the artesans are making some great new products including jackets, vests, purses, and gadget holders of all kinds. It is great timing because this week we are preparing to send a package of sample products to a store in the University of Western Ontario, as well as prepping the ceramistas to sell their ceramics in France. In addition, due to construction issues, we gained some more time to get ready to sell products in the local Hotel Libertador. Sound like a lot? There´s more.
Nexos Voluntarios is holding its first province wide contest between its beneficiaries to create a sustainable social development project. For the artesans, this means something that will help grow the association in the long term. We have lots of thinking to do.
That should about wrap it up for now. Check back soon, as the updates will be more regular again. ¡Feliz año neuvo de Urubamba!

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